INFO: ⚠ Please check the current restrictions before traveling. You must follow the restrictions from the area you are traveling from. DO NOT BOOK unless you are sure you can, we are legally obliged to refuse entry in most cases and we will not refund you.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

About COVID-19


Please check the restrictions before traveling. It is your responsibility to ensure you can stay before booking.

πŸ—Ί Advice is changing rapidly - When visiting you must comply with the restrictions of the area you traveled from. If arriving from overseas, you must observe the isolation requirements as laid out by UK (England) government.

😷 You are recommended to wear a mask in reception, hallways, stairwells, breakfast room (until seated), and lift.

πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ You are not permitted to invite anyone who is not staying at the property and may only meet friends/family who are guests OUTSIDE of the property

πŸ“± You are asked to scan the NHS covid-19 app QR code on arrival. You must still complete the online check-in

✈ If you are arriving from a country that is not in the UK, you may be required to e-mail your travel document and passport/ID card. We reserve the right to cancel your stay if we believe you should have isolated on your arrival into the UK. Please ensure you have adequate insurance should your countries status change. We are NOT accepting guests who need to Isolate, please cancel your booking.

⚠ If you begin to feel unwell and need testing are required to isolate DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ROOM USE THE QR CODE IN YOUR ROOM TO INFORM US.


πŸ’» Check-in Onlne - use the link in your email or use the tab "guest area" on our website (you can do this no more than 48 hours prior to arrival.) We request that you also scan the NHS COVID-19 App QR code on our door on arrival. This gives you FREE access to the car park, vehicles not registered may be fined.

πŸ•– Please do not try to arrive early, this takes us away from our cleaning tasks


🍜 Our Breakfast room is now open, you must book a table and arrive promptly or we may not be able to accommodate you. You should wear your mask unless seated. Our Buffet is now re-open, please wait respectfully until others have moved away before approaching


🧹 Due to rising infection rates we are offering limited housekeeping. We will not enter your room daily.

Safe Pads and safe film

πŸšͺ You will see yellow touchpads and special film on doors and wraps on door handles etc. These pads are impregnated with silver particles (known for anti-microbial properties including Coronavirus). These are helping us to keep you safe. They kill microbes on contact

Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice for guests with symptoms or known to have been exposed (last updated 15/10/21)

1. Do not leave your room.

2. Place your do not disturb sign on the outer door handle

3. Fill out the form to report Covid in our guest area tab or scan the QR code in your room

  • We will mark your room as ISOLATION ROOM, this helps us protect our staff
  • We will bring you food and any items you may need. This will be left outside your door as required.
  • If you require anything else simply scan the QR code to "Daily order pad". we will let you know when we are delivering it.
  • We are unable to service your room during this time, if you need cleaning materials we will provide these. We can supply sheets and towels on request, but you will need to change these yourself
  • (Please note, food, drinks, toiletries, and linens are chargeable, a small service charge will be added. Your travel insurance will in most cases cover this)
  • You must not leave your room for any reason (except to go to a COVID test center)
  • If your condition deteriorates please phone 999. Whilst we don’t offer a 24-hour reception, (8 am to 10 pm usual hours) it will be possible for someone to let emergency services in – do not leave your room.

If you have no reason to suspect you have been exposed, then please remain vigilant….

  • ALWAYS wash your hands before leaving your room and we recommend you wear your mask in communal areas

We are working hard to keep our public areas sanitized, we are wiping door handles, light switches, handrails, etc daily. Our lounge is only to be used for access to rooms 29 and 30 ONLY, it is not for general use.

-Remember to use the hand gel stations

If we are forced to re-close:

  1. The government may force our closure.
  2. If we become sick there may be an interruption to normal daily service/activity. We will keep you up to date with any developments
  3. Local lockdown or restrictions may come into force during your stay

Our general terms of booking apply, regardless of covid status.

PLEASE CHECK THIS PAGE OFTEN, Keep safe and we wish you all well