INFO: STAY AT HOME. Due to coronavirus you must follow government advice. If you are not travelling because you are a front line worker, you may be refused entry and will not be refunded. FOLLOW THE ADVICE THE GOVERNMENT ARE GIVING YOU

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

About COVID-19


The Government have issued new advice: STAY AT HOME. You are not permitted to travel unless you are a frontline worker. If you have not cancelled your forthcoming booking we urge you to do so now. We will send a reminder if your payment is coming due and if you do not wish to be charged, you must cancel. If you arrive and you are not a frontline worker you will be refused entry and you will not get a refund.

Corona virus (Covid-19) advice for guests with symptoms or known to have been exposed (last updated 11/3/20)

  1. Do not leave your room.
  2. Place your do not disturb sign on the outer door handle
  3. Phone 01323 724120 (or email and leave a message with your name, room number and number of people in your room
  4. Phone 111 for advice

If you are told to self isolate:

  • Let us know via phone or email
  • We will bring you food and any items you may need. This will be left outside your door as required.
  • You must use the plastic bin liners provided to dispose of all waste. Make sure you place this bag, tied outside your room door daily. If you require anything please email or phone us and we will let you know when we are delivering it. Towels must be bagged and tied when required to be changed.
  • (Please note, food, drinks, toiletries and towels are chargeable, a small service charge will be added. - Your travel insurance will in most cases cover this)
  • If your condition deteriorates please phone 999. Whilst we don’t offer a 24 hour reception, (8am to 10pm usual hours) it will be possible for someone to let emergency services in – do not leave your room.

If you have no reason to suspect you have been exposed, then please remain vigilant….

  • ALWAYS wash your hands before leaving your room

We are working hard to keep our public areas sanitised, we are wiping door handles, light switches, handrails etc daily. We may close the dining room and public lounge/playroom -Remember to wash your hands in the reception facilities before going back to your room -During this period the dining room, Lounge and playroom may be closed. We apologise for this inconvenience.

If we are forced to close:

  1. The government may force our closure. We will keep you up to date if this becomes reality and would expect government assistance if so.
  2. If we become sick there may be an interruption to normal daily service/activity. We will keep you up to date with any developments

PLEASE CHECK THIS PAGE DAILY, Keep safe and we wish you all well



Bacon and leek Frittata slice

Eggs, butter, bacon, leek, peas, tomato (contains: EGG, MILK, SULPHITES)

On the side Toast and 1 additional item (Boiled egg, sausage, nut/seed/fruit mix, cheese portion, piece of fruit, tinned fruit)

With Fresh coffee bag, orange juice

N.B: If you have dietary requirements or are vegan, we have alternatives, please email at least 24 hours prior to arrival!