A little about us

The Sheldon is a family owned Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Eastbourne

A cosy, conscious community hotel


We’re doing hospitality a little differently. We want our hotel to be a place where strangers feel welcome to say hello to each other and share stories from their adventures of the day; where good food and good people come in all colours, flavours and corners of the world; and everyone works together to respect (and enjoy!) the wonderful world around them. Will you join us?

What we believe in

Loving Local

We believe in supporting our local community, so we buy from local farms, butchers, independent stores and individuals in the Eastbourne community.


We believe in doing our bit for the planet, so we recycle, minimize our use of plastic, use planet-friendly cleaning materials and act sustainably.


You are welcome at The Sheldon! Diversity is important to us, and we celebrate every person who walks through our hotel doors.

Closed Loop

We have a completely zero waste supply chain for many items, returning used containers to our suppliers to be refilled and used again. Cool, huh?

Safe Products

Our soaps, body care products and cleaning supplies are natural, biodegradable, vegan and skin-kind. Breathe easy.

Good Partners

From the coffee roaster we buy from to the company that supplies our loo roll, we work with those who are committed to ethical practices.

Introducing Your Hosts…

We are a Canadian couple who spent 20 years living in places like Taiwan, Belgium, Italy, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and Bali before moving to the UK in 2018.

We’ve always been driven by one thing: creating cool spaces where people from anywhere and everywhere can feel at home. 

Our lounge is full of things to do on the occasional rainy day and our staff is always on hand to help, or chat about your adventures.

Why Book Direct?

Although we are all on the usual booking platforms, they do take a very large commission so we’d love if you can book directly through our website! This way you’ll get the lowest prices, and you’ll be supporting a local family-owned business.